Seed Out celebrated 365 successful days of raising entrepreneurs

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Seed Out held its first anniversary celebration on Sunday, December 7, 2014 inviting affluent political and business figures from all walks of life. The event took place at Gujranwala, in order to give the audience insight into Seed Out, which was later followed by a disbursement ceremony and ended with lunch.

During the event, the Founder & President ( Zain Ashraf Mughal) addressed the audience, throwing light on the impact of Seed Out and shared key accomplishments of the Seed Out team. The event was attended by leading influential intellects of the business world and renowned political socialites of the country along with the potential entrepreneurs and their families.

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The event was preceded by an introductory speech by Zain Ashraf (Founder & President, Seed Out).Afterwards, General Rashid Javaid enlightened the audience with his knowledge about “The Ownership of Wealth in Islam” and threw light on the importance of Zakkat .Later at the event, the Chief Guest Mr. Malik Zaheer (President, Chamber of Commerce, Pakistan) shared a few valuable thoughts about Seed Out, acknowledging it’s efforts towards poverty alleviation in the country. The occasion was followed by a disbursement ceremony; disbursing businesses to 20 potential entrepreneurs and ended with lunch.

“The business community can play a huge role in the demise of poverty from Pakistan. Since it’s our religious responsibility to give 2.5% Zakkat from our assets, true change can only achieved if we, the business community, spend 2.5 % of our time figuring out an effective way towards poverty alleviation. Human empowerment can open a whole new horizon for this country and this can only be achieved through mutual collaboration and cooperation, directly connecting the donors with the potential entrepreneurs of Pakistan” said Zain Ashraf Mughal during his address at the event.

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